Selection and sale of aviation vehicle

Our experts are ready to assist you in choosing and acquiring an aircraft, starting with the initial idea of ​​buying your own airplane or helicopter and until your first flight on it.

Due to the accumulated experience, we can clearly and competently explain to you all the nuances of such a complex process as the acquisition and operation of our own aircraft, which will make it possible to make a choice in favor of the model that fully meets your needs, as well as take on full support of the transaction and protect you from any surprises.

Briefly, the process of acquiring an aircraft can be divided into the following stages:

1. Consultations on the selection of a specific aircraft model, including a comparative analysis of similar aircraft and the calculation of the cost of their operation.

Given such parameters as:

  • Passenger capacity;
  • Flight range;
  • Cruising speed;
  • The necessary length of the runway;
  • Operating expenses, etc.

2. Negotiating with the manufacturer when agreeing on the configuration and delivery conditions of a new aircraft or finding a suitable resource aircraft of the selected model and an independent assessment of its technical condition.

3. Examination and signing of the contract of sale or leasing of the aircraft.

4. Determining the most optimal country of registration of the aircraft and the operating organization in order to minimize your maintenance costs while maintaining the necessary level of capabilities for its operation.

5. Selection of aviation personnel.

6. Conclusion of contracts for the basing of an aircraft, its maintenance and flight support.

Having trusted us, you will only have to enjoy the flight, we will take care of the rest.


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