Krugov Alexander Borisovich

Born in 1958 in Zhukovsky city, Moscow Region.

In 1977 graduated from the Buguruslan Flight School of Civil Aviation, in 1984  -  from the Correspondence Polytechnic Institute.

Graduating from the Buguruslan Civil Aviation School of Aviation since 1977  until 1993, he worked in various positions in the Ministry of Civil Aviation, from  the second pilot of the An-2 aircraft to the head of the accident investigation department of the Regional Civil Aviation Administration of the central regions.

Krugov Alexander Borisovich
Krugov Alexander Borisovich
Krugov Alexander Borisovich

From 1993 to 2014, he worked in the Gazprom group of companies in positions ranging from Deputy General Director for Flight Operations of  Mostransgaz RAO Gazprom Airlines to the General Director of CJSC FNPC NefteGazAeroKosmos.

First Class Pilot of Civil Aviation. During the flight operation, he mastered the following types of aircraft: An-2, Mi-2, An-24, An-12, An-74, Tu-154.

While working in the Gazprom group of companies, he took a direct part in the creation of the Mostransgaz Airline RAO Gazprom and the Gazpromavia Aviation Enterprise LLC. In 1995, he organized the commissioning of the Dassault Falcon 900 aircraft in Russia. Under his personal leadership, a project was implemented to change flight procedures at Domodedovo and Vnukovo airfields in connection with the commissioning of the Ostafyevo International Airport. In order to improve flight safety, he actively participated in the implementation of satellite aeronautical technologies at the airline Gazpromavia Airlines. While working at CJSC Federal Research and Production Center NefteGazAeroKosmos, numerous research works were carried out to create the concept of aviation support for offshore hydrocarbon deposits, as well as to increase the level of flight safety in civil aviation.


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