Legal support

AviaAdvCom LLC provides a wide range of qualified legal and other consulting services aimed at supporting the activities of our clients, both big Russian and international companies, as well as individuals.

Among our legal practice, we can distinguish the following main areas:

- Air law;
Development of the company's internal documentation (Flight Operations Manual, Maintenance Organization Guide, Ground Handling Management Guide, Safety Management Guide, Quality Management System and other locally regulatory documents)
Representation of your interests in the Ministry of Transport and the bodies of the Federal Air Transport Agency (Rosaviation)
Maintenance of aviation activities in the Russian Federation and the CIS

- Commercial law;
Maintenance of contractual work (development, examination, approval of contracts);
Development of local regulations (orders, regulations);
Participation in negotiations with counterparties, including foreign ones, regarding the supply of goods and the provision of services;
Representation of your interests in state and supervisory bodies;
Preparation of legal opinions and other tasks related to doing business.

- Corporate law;
Registration of legal entities in the territory of the Russian Federation, obtaining accreditations for branches and representative offices of foreign companies;
Reorganization and liquidation of legal entities;
Development and legal examination of internal regulatory documents of the company, ownership structure and corporate governance, including with foreign participation on the basis of legislation on controlled foreign companies.
Support of transactions on the sale of a business in Russia and abroad (M&A).

- Labor law.
employee and the employer (labor contracts, orders, regulations, job descriptions, etc.);
Legal assessment of the existing personnel management in the organization with the development of recommendations for its improvement;
Maintenance of labor disputes related to damage to company’s property, violation of labor discipline or dismissal;

The key, but not the only, specialization of our company is the aviation industry, in which the accumulated knowledge and experience helps us quickly to find the best ways to solve the tasks, regardless of whether you are a professional player in the aviation industry or a simple aviation enthusiast.

We individually approach the processing of all requests from our customers in the realities of Russian and international legislation, and we also adhere to flexibility in pricing issues, which allows us to create the most advantageous offer especially for you.


Representative in the CIS

AviaAdv LLC is the official representative in the CIS of the European flight school Aviomar SRL



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